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 Freelance Consultant on Analysis & Forecasting of the Economy & Stock Market Economics 

 Updated: 23 January 2003 05:55:04 PM

The Right Timing Special: "What ails the KLCI?"
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 Kopitiam Talk ~ The Current KLCI's Trend ......   

 The EDGE Articles ~ Focus on KLCI & the Economy.......  

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Brighter days ahead? Spot-on prognosis? In Search of the Three Buddhas In and out of the Bermuda Triangle Breaking out of the Bermuda Triangle Getting out of the woods What ails the KLCI?
 In the Newsprints... and Online referrals ......        
bannertheedgedaily.gif (2584 bytes) "What ails the KLCI?"; Online feature article at, 26 Jan 2003
TheEDGElogo.gif (2984 bytes) The EDGE Malaysia, 26 Jan 2003 - "The Right Timing Special: What ails the KLCI?" .
PG-9190M - ...A Turkmenistan Project Financing Experience by Arifin Abdul Latif, Assistant Director - I.T., Agriculture Department...industrial project and project financing options Arifin Abdul Latif Assistant... 

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Speaker at the Privatisation of Government & State-Owned Enterprises in Malaysia Conference, 30-31 Oct 2002, JW Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur; "Case Study: Considerations for Project Financing in a Transition Economy's Privatisation Project - a Turkmenistan Experience"; Asian Business Forum (ABF) brochure
Biorhythm and biorhythms - ... Biorhythm links for reasearch into biorhythms ... Market, Economy and the Ringgit - Which why Now?... Arifin Abdul Latif - Much have been said on the causality factors ... - October 22, 2002 - 16 KB
bannertheedgedaily.gif (2584 bytes) "Getting out of the woods"; Online feature article at, 26 Aug 2002 
TheEDGElogo.gif (2984 bytes)  The EDGE Malaysia, 26 Aug 2002 - "The Right Timing Special: Getting out of the woods"
UNIDOlogo.gif (14580 bytes) ...Press Release in Lagos, Nigeria; The Guardian: Industry Watch - "UNIDO boss restates commitment to Nigeria's industrialisation", 21 Nov 2001
bannertheedgedaily.gif (2584 bytes) "Breaking out of the Bermuda Triangle" Online feature article at, 3 Sep 2001
TheEDGElogo.gif (2984 bytes)  The EDGE, 3 Sep 2001 - "The Right Timing Special: Breaking out of the Bermuda Triangle"
bannertheedgedaily.gif (2584 bytes) "In and out of the Bermuda Triangle"; Online feature article at, 30 Apr 2001
TheEDGElogo.gif (2984 bytes)  The EDGE, 30 Apr 2001 - "The Right Timing Special: In and out of the Bermuda Triangle"
BWawasan.jpg (10348 bytes) Buletin Wawasan (INTAN), 2000 - " Where is the End of the KLCI Slide -- In Search for the Elusive Three-Buddhas"
TheEDGElogo.gif (2984 bytes)  The EDGE, 2 Oct 2000 - "In search of the Three Buddhas";  in The EDGE Capital 
TheEDGElogo.gif (2984 bytes)  The EDGE, 14 Feb 2000 - "Spot-on prognosis?";  in The EDGE Capital: Focus 
BWawasan.jpg (10348 bytes) Buletin Wawasan (INTAN), 1999 - "Brighter Days Ahead Revisited"
TheEDGElogo.gif (2984 bytes)  The EDGE, 1 Feb 1999 - "Brighter days ahead?";  Guest Writer in The EDGE Capital: Focus 
BWawasan.jpg (10348 bytes)  Buletin Wawasan (INTAN), 1998 -  "The Malaysian Stock Market, Economy and the Ringgit -- Which Way Now?" 
BWawasan.jpg (10348 bytes) Buletin Pengurusan & Pentadbiran (INTAN), 1996 -  "Prices of Plantation Stocks, Major Commodities and the Malaysian Economy -- Which is the Leading Indicator?"
LogoJP.jpg (2656 bytes)  Symposium on Land Evaluation (DOA), 1991- "Price Forecasting of Agricultural Commodities Using ARIMA Model''
 MADE Dissertation (ANU, Australia), 1985 - A Study of Stock Market Trends of Plantation Securities and its Relationship to the Performance of the Malaysian Economy

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